Run not syncing from either Garmin, mapmyrun, or strava

Strava link - Follow Gerrard on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

Garmin link - Garmin Connect

Have attempted to force a sync, disabled and Reenabled sync to all three services.

I’m looking into it & will reply back when I have any info…

Not for you, specifically - this is just a thing that I have to repeat very frequently & your phrasing here could confuse others:
Revoking access within a service will delete that service’s data within CityStrides

It looks like something happened to the CityStrides/Strava connection. I’ll need you to log out of CityStrides, then log back in with Strava, then try a ‘sync now’ after doing that. Let me know when you’ve done that so I can take a look at the data…

For my own record: Gerrard Leach - CityStrides

I am still not seeing the run in my life map

Ah, ok - so the activity made it into CityStrides but it didn’t make it into the LifeMap.
I just regenerated your LifeMap & it’s displaying now for me - there’s a public & private version of the LifeMap, though, so let me know if your version doesn’t display it.

I’m having the same problem with my July 25th run. ??

There seem to be a couple issues in this thread.
Is your activity present in CityStrides?
What’s your profile link (top right menu)?