Route builder - editing mid-track

Hi, I was fairly sure I saw this somewhere sometime but as I tried to look up the status of this idea I couldn’t find it anywhere so here it is (hopefully not again):

At this moment I rarely use the route builder myself because of two reasons:
1/ No direct synchronisation with my garmin watch (discussed elsewhere)
2/ Far more important, in my personal opinion: no ability to edit the track aside from “undo”. If you make a long track and you notice you made an error at the start of middle of your track, you have to start from scratch.

In the website I currently use, , you have these nodes which you can move afterwards. By double clicking the track you can also add extra nodes afterwards, which can be quite helpful to add that extra loop around a block, or make sure the route takes the right turn, etc.

So I currently end up splitting my screen with one CityStrides lifemap window and one dynamicWatch window, which is doable but not the most practical.

Aside from the combination with our lifemap obviously, I also like your route builder for showing the direction of movement. I would definitely use it more, or possibly all the time, if there was this possibility to edit the route.

I realise this isn’t the easiest to implement and might not even be possible. Either way, thanks in advance.

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