Route Builder "Are You Sure?" Pre-Turn Off

I have become absolutely obsessed with Route Builder. It’s fantastic. But with one small caveat: sometimes, when I accidentally tap the Route Builder icon while I’m building a route, it turns off and I lose the complete route I was building. I’ve had to start from scratch a few times over because of this. This almost always happens on mobile, where screen real estate is no match for pudgy fingertips.

Keep in mind that I could be completely misusing this and not understanding how things function, so pardon my ignorance but…

Some ideas to fix this:

  1. A disclaimer window pop up that basically asks " are you sure you want to close Route Builder? Unsaved changes will be lost."
  2. Some sort of auto save feature that uses a date and time stamp as a filler name of the route in progress.

I’d like the second option anyway because sometimes, I lose routes in progress for a variety of reasons.

Anyway, thanks!!

:person_facepalming: I added this to the delete button, but not the “toggle off” action. I’ll see about adding the confirmation to just the toggle off aspect of that button … not sure offhand how I’ll do conditional confirmation, but it’s gotta be possible…

I don’t currently have any route editing capabilities, so that auto-save idea wouldn’t be useful without that. It’s probably worth adding that as another Ideas if it doesn’t already exist.

Update: That was simple - the next release will include that confirmation.