Roads not showing as complete and Fitbit imports

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I have a number of streets near me where I have completed all the nodes but yet the street is showing as incomplete. I would rather they automatically picked up as complete than manually doing it. I have double checked the map in case there were any red dots left, but there aren’t

Also, I wanted to import my Fitbit data in directly but I can’t see an option. I have been using a Garmin for a while but I had a Fitbit prior and did a lot of walking with that and so would like to get those streets in. I did have them sync to Runkeeper (which I used prior to Fitbit and those activities show) but for the Fitbit specific ones no map is showing in Runkeeper for the walks (even though I’d used GPS) so they aren’t pulling through. There is probably three or four years worth

If an activity is already on my map, I assume it wouldn’t import again. Also there is an option to view completed streets on the menu, but is there a way I can easily see incomplete streets without having to go on the map

Your account is private so I can’t look directly. Can you share a couple street links that you expect to be marked as complete?
You definitely shouldn’t need to mark anything as manually complete.

For the Runkeeper activity issues, can you share a link or two to the activities in Runkeeper? They don’t need to be public - I’m just going to use the API to verify that any GPS data exists.

Correct. There should be no reason to, as well. Once the data makes it into CityStrides, it won’t be necessary to re-download it.

Follow the link on your profile page to the city. That page will list incomplete & complete streets.

I will get the Runkeeper information but for the moment I’ve changed my CityStrides data to public so it should be visible. I’ll share a link below to a recent activity where a street is not showing as complete. It’s Woodfield Avenue and I’ve definitely walked the whole street and at least covered all the nodes

There are quite a few others and some of those, I had walked down those streets again and even that didn’t mark them complete. I noticed I had some rogue lines appear on the map for activities in 2015 which is when I was using Runkeeper. They were straight lines which ran across the map, but I have deleted the ones that I have spotted

Regarding the duplicate import question, as I can’t see a way to directly import Fitbit data, I had set it up a while back for Fitbit data to go into Runkeeper so that was my workaround. Assuming the issue can be fixed and they can be pulled through when I sync, I didn’t want the walks I had done originally through Runkeper to come through again as there was no need, but it sounds like from what you said, that wouldn’t happen

I know I’m going to get a lot of streets completed with the Fitbit data

Here is a link to a 7.09km walk I did on Fitbit in London which doesn’t show a map on Runkeeper but does when I log into Fitbit for the 8th September 2021

Here is another one for the 6th October 2021 for a shorter 1.29km walk near me:

I must have stopped using the Runkeeper app on June 17th 2016 and moved to Fitbit as on my profile here I don’t have any activities showing until October 30th 2021 which was when I started using my Garmin. My last activity showing on Fitbit and also Runkeeper was the 23rd October 2021. I never linked my Garmin data through to Runkeeper

It does appear then that none of my Fitbit walks have come through and there should be quite a lot

Re Woodfield Avenue, if you click Go (not Show) after the street name in your street listing, you see that there are two instances of Woodfield Ave in Sandwell, you have only completed the one in Cradley Heath, not the one in Langley Green. As often discussed here, when the same street name occurs more than once in a city, CityStrides has no way to distinguish them as separate roads, so they are counted as one.

I didn’t know that so with another one I have, Queen Street, there’s going to be a lot come up for that. I started using this site about a year ago and then forgot about it and so it’s only been a few weeks that I’ve been using it again and I haven’t been in the forums before so was not aware this was an issue

I just need to get my Fitbit data issue resolved now

I’ve tried everything I can to get Fitbit data to sync to an app I can link to this site but the only thing I can see that works is Strava. The problem is that Strava won’t sync any Fitbit activities before the link was made and it looks like I only linked them in late 2020, and for me to export four years of FitbitTCX files (as you can only do them individually) and import them into Strava to pull through to here, would take a long time