Roads in tunnels?

Take a look at Saltsjöqvarns tunnelgata

Almost the whole length of it runs in a tunnel under a ridge, and it’s marked as tunnel0yes in OSM. There is a sidewalk along it, so I ran it today. But there is no way a GPS will work down there… I caught part of it because I also ran a street that runs over the ridge above the tunnel. But I think roads in tunnels ought to be excluded as a rule?

@JamesChevalier thoughts?

I think that’s a good example why we can manually complete streets.

Well, I don’t like manually completing, In my opinion streets that are listed in CS should be possible to run and log by GPS. If that’s not possible I try to fix that by editing OSM in an appropriate way. But streets in tunnels would need to be excluded from CS as far as I can see

I understand where you are coming from, but I am not sure I agree with you on the opinion that CS should only track streets you can “run and log by GPS”

It says Run. Every. Street.

@kevincharlespels edits the course many of his runs, especially urban ones where buildings, tunnels, walls, etc keep the GPS track from following the actual run course.

I agree with @sander.vl - if you don’t want to go through the trouble of editing your run, that is exactly the type of situation why the manual complete option still exists.

As ideas go, my one vote goes to keeping any runnable street as something needing to be completed, even if the street has a tunnel or other feature which makes GPS signal weak


I see what you mean, of course I guess I could edit the run in a gpx-editor, but that sounds a bit weird… I’ve had some narrrow streets in central Stockholm that i had to run three times before the GPS actually tracked correctly enough that I got a Complete on it. I never even considered editing my track… I just run it again until it’s complete! But for a 300 meter long tunnel we’re not talking about “weak GPS signals”. There is no way a GPS will work down there. But we all differ… I guess I’ll have to try running on the ground above the tunnel, and try to catch the nodes that way, so I won’t have to use “manual” :grin:

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Everyone has their own way of using CS to achieve their goal.

I guess my goal is to actually run every street in a chosen city and CS is a way to help me do that, not the arbiter of whether I have done it or not. If I were there, ran the tunnel, and GPS didn’t say I did - I know I did so I’d be comfortable marking it as Manual knowing the system’s limitations.

I have to confess I, too, have re-run a street because GPS drift says I didn’t get close enough to a node or two to mark them complete, but in a rare situation like the one you talk about, I guess I would be confident to use the manual button.

Be safe in your striding!

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For me, a gps registration is (should be) a reflection of what i did in real life. When the gps registration is off because of bad signal or something else, why not make the reflection of the real life action more accurate by correcting the flaws?

CS is not made to run as much runs to get the gps on the right nodes, it’s running every street in real life and gps is just a tool with flaws.

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