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It doesn’t look like there’s a delay according to the status page. However, it also doesn’t look like my latest run updated the roads completed metric properly.

This morning I ran in my city, filling in some roads. The run was imported, and shows up in City Strides: Fredrik Coulter's Activity on April 9, 2020 - CityStrides I noticed that there were no completed streets, but 17 that progressed. Given the way the city names roads, this seemed possible, even though I did run some short one block streets just to get them off the list.

So I decided to look at the progressed streets to see where the city has the other pieces of the (presumably) non contiguous street. But the first progressed street I went to, Izetta Court (CityStrides), seemed to have been completed on this run. The road has only two nodes, and I turned both of them green. Yet it’s not listed as completed.

Is this due to a lack of patience on my part, or is there an issue that’s cropped up?

(My profile is Fredrik Coulter - CityStrides if you need it.)

I have the same issue with todays run: 30 progressed, 0 completed: Bas Pennewaert's Activity on April 9, 2020 - CityStrides
A couple of streets have 100% green nodes, eg: CityStrides

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There may have been some sort of delay, but I am seeing that street marked complete on your run Fredrik. Are you still seeing it only progressed?

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Now it’s complete. Apparently there is another step in the processing of a run that doesn’t show up on the Status page.

I really need to develop more patience.

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@fredrik.coulter, Yes it’s a multi-stage process. First the import. Then the processing. Then the LifeMap. It’s not unusual, at least for me, to see my activity move off the status page, but then have 0 complete, 0 progressed. But then later the 0s start to change.

Hang in there, you’ll get used to it!

Here’s the wiki page on How Syncing Works

Going even further than this, it appears there is another step I’ve noticed recently where it goes from 0 completed, 0 progressed to showing any completed/progressed streets as progressed. Then it finally turns some of the progressed into completed.

As you guys say, it just needs patience!

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