Road names obscured by route & route line colour

Afternoon All,

Just had a wander around a bit of the Kent countryside and while squinting at the route on my phone in the lovely UK sunshine I realised reading the street names is made harder because the blue route line runs over the top of the lettering.

Nothing major, but is it a big problem to have the names sit on top of the route line?

Tied in with this is the route colour itself - its the same blue as the city border which gets a bit messy when trying to plan a route that runs close to or on the border. Again, nothing earth-shattering but could one or the other be changed? Or could we have the option to choose a colour for either?

And thanks again, James, for an excellent bit of software that keeps me getting up and plodding around the neighbourhood. I’m down to odd country lanes that take 2-3 hours of walking just to knock off one or two but the old completionist gamer in me just has to keep going! :disguised_face: :love_you_gesture:

Yes I find it hard to read the street names and in places where I need to direct myself up and down lots of intersections it would help to be able to read it more easily.

Thanks for posting this! It’s one of those things that I also silently endured as “the way it is”. :man_facepalming:

The next release will adjust things a bit:

  • activities, city borders, and routes will all display under street names
  • while drawing the route, the color will be blue and the dotted line will be a bit thicker to help it stand out against city borders

I’m going to hold off on doing this for any LifeMap displayed throughout the site.



Sorry if this is not the correct place to report this. This change seems to have broken the route planner somewhat. The planned route is printed below the lines marking previous runs which makes it pretty much impossible to see the planned route.

Afternoon - at last I can impart some knowledge! :crazy_face:

If you press the topmost of the four icons in the corner of the map screen it toggles the LifeMap and does away with all those squiggly lines representing your previous activities -

Here’s the Before:

And the After

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

It does, thanks! Constantly toggling while creating a route is pretty tedious though (I specifically use the citystrides route planner so I can see where I’ve already been); so I’d still hope this gets fixed down the road :slight_smile:.

This is an unfortunate situation … I can’t do both things.

If I put the Route Builder line below the street names, then it’s inherently under the LifeMap.
If I put the Route Builder line above the LifeMap, then it’s inherently above the street names.
This is partially due to the fact that the LifeMap should not exist below the street names.

To me it makes more sense to have the Route Builder line above everything. It’s difficult to see the street names, but it’s not impossible, and Node Hunter can provide that info as well by clicking nodes.
Whereas it’s impossible to see the Route Builder line under the LifeMap.

Edit: The original post referred to the finished route, not the mid-drawing Route Builder. I could keep the finished route display as-is (below the street names) and revert the Route Builder drawing tool to place the drawn routes above everything.


Hmmm… :thinking:

When I’m creating a route I’m not actually too worried about being able to see the street names, I’m more interested in Red Blobs (common man speak for Nodes :wink:). I have the LifeMap turned off when doing this.

I only use the LifeMap as a zoomed out overview when starting to plan so I know what areas to concentrate on and then zoom in, switch on the Red Blob button and start creating my route from there. Obviously the Red Blobs show me where I haven’t been.

When I’m then out wandering the neighbourhood I have the route selected, refreshing the Red Blobs as I go. I never use the LifeMap while out meandering.

As James says, my initial post was about the finished route and the difficulty in reading a street name which is obscured by the route line itself. During my wanderings I tend to make a quick note of the next street I need to turn into rather than having my phone constantly out looking for the route. Trying to read it during a (rare) UK sunny day on my, admittedly rubbish, phone screen was the reason for the original post. :sunglasses:

Be interested how others see this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible to offset the planned route relative to the street? It’s currently centered, which makes absolute sense, but also hides the street name. Maybe moving it off-center (or moving the street name) could be an option? It will probably look ugly, but I think I would prefer function over form in this situation. Just brainstorming…

@unclemarmite getting a watch with routing functionality was really a gamechanger for me. It means I rarely have to look at my phone or at street names at all.

I know this is an old thread, but could making life map semi transparent in route builder solve this?

This should be resolved now, with street names being drawn above other data layers.

I noticed the street names on top this morning :person_facepalming:t2: