Revert changes in OpenStreetMap?

Some places were edited in a way that seems to have removed them from OSM. This kind of OSM editing is beyond my current skillset, so I’m hoping someone else can help out.

According to the Italian Wikipedia:

From 1 January 2020 it ceased to be an autonomous municipality, and was incorporated into the municipality of Bellano.

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Picked another random one to look at.

This one seems to now be a part of Cascades, Virginia (Cascades OSM vs old boundaries in CS: Cascades, Sugarland Run). Idk where to look to find the official truth for which admin_level area belongs where, but lacking that, it seems easiest to just follow what OSM did: remove Sugarland, update Cascades boundaries.

Edit: Looking a bit further, there is still this page Sugarland run on census page (Warning: seems to be some messed up loading setup that fails half the time) which does not seem to mention it being removed. In fact, that made me find this census map that does still have them separate. So maybe the random OSM editor messed up. Would have to look further into Sugarland history to see if they at least clarify their sources. (or comment on the relevant changes and see if they reply)