Restricted Roads

Currently in the Town of Whitestown, NY there is 2 roads 9/27 and 15/33, they are located on a old airport which has been turned into a NY State Facility that requires special access. I changed the Allowed Access to be no for all access in OpenStreetMap, but still is showing as an available street. Just wondering how we can get these streets removed to being available?

CityStrides: Town of Whitestown, New York - CityStrides
OSM: Relation: ‪Town of Whitestown‬ (‪3669593‬) | OpenStreetMap

I don’t see streets named “9/27” or “15/33” in CityStrides. Can you share links to them?

Apologies, I meant links in CityStrides showing that they exist. I cannot find them in the street tab in Town of Whitestown, New York - CityStrides and when I use Node Hunter in that space nothing is returned.

Keep in mind that the map display and the data in CityStrides are completely separate things … I do see e.g. 15/33 if I zoom in far enough on the map, but that’s because it does (and should) exist. It’s drawn a little lighter, which is a styling decision made by the map provider (Mapbox) as a way of indicating that it isn’t tagged like other primary roadways.

Is there a way of them getting the nodes removed so they are not a active street that needs to be completed in CityStrides? Because when I complete Town of Whitestown, they will still showing as needed to be completed.

If we can find them in the CityStrides site then yes. At the moment, I cannot find them or see them in any way that indicates that they exist in the site at all.

Can you find them in any list? If you can, there will be show/go links in the list … You can use the “Go” link to go to its page, and you can copy that page’s URL & paste it in a reply here.

Otherwise, I do not see them in CityStrides as streets that appear anywhere as needing to be completed.

I just went in and now they are not showing…So looks like we are good now!!! Thanks for you answer and explanation!!!