Rest areas along highways

In OSM, I marked a road that has a name, with foot=customers at a highway rest stop, but now it has reappeared in the street list. The area is public, but accessible only by car. How should we mark in OSM that it will not appear in the list of streets.

probably foot=no

The street query I use is linked in About the Node, Street, and City Data if you want to see how the tagging is filtered

I think you need to give a link to the street in CS, so we can take a look

I think the real question is, do we expect striders to drive to a rest area, in order to collect 2 or 3 dots? I have similar areas near me that have a road where pedestrian access is not allowed, but then it is again, after a tunnel but he only way through the tunnel is by car or bicycle. There is no alternative access route.

Shouldn’t it be of type highway=rest_area? Those are not imported to CS

Here is an example:

Walking is not prohibited here because you can go to the restaurant or toilet or petrol station. That’s why I put foot=customer.

Area is tagged highway=services.

The second one, Počivališče Barje, is set to highway=services. This type is not imported. The first one, Ljubljana Barje Jug, is set to highway=service (no s at the end) . These are imported to CS. The foot=customer does not take effect, it’s the general access level “yes” that takes precedence in this case.
Note that streets without names are not imported. Just to check, is “Ljubljana Barje Jug” a real street name? It’s not just a decsription?
Not sure what is the best way to deal with this. @JamesChevalier, any thoughts?

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The name is not a real street but a description of the resting place. I think the solution is very simple. We delete the name of the road because the area already have a name and it is clearly visible on a map. And this is exactly what I’m going to do.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Good! You could move this name from the name field to the description field, that’s what I’ve done several occasions