Rerun/replay animations

I’ve got two versions of this idea… One where there’s a little dot that animates over your tracked route, to show the direction you took & one where the camera shifts entirely to retrace the activity in a first-person view.

Little dot version:

First person version:

:man_shrugging: Whatcha think?

I like the Route Trace version better. I think both versions shouldn’t show the purple line yet, especially for the Route Trace version, it can be a nice surprise to see the route at the end. Is the First Person supposed to be that fast? It seems too frantic.

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The version of the first person view that I’m developing now is a bit slower. In developing the feature, I’ve had to watch a number of these play through & it’s starting to make me nauseous. :nauseated_face: :flushed: I think I’m going to take this as a sign to stop development of first person view unless I start seeing tons of comments here asking for it. :grimacing:

Ooh, I like that idea of not showing the full route until after the playback is complete.

I do worry about annoying people who are just going to the Activity page in order to see the route & won’t want to wait for the animation or have to click a button to skip it…
I suppose one way around that is for this to be a whole separate page. I could have two buttons on the Activity ‘card’ where one links to the static page and the other links to the ‘replay’ page. :thinking:

Definitely like the route trace version better. Agnostic about showing the route ahead of time or not.

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Route trace for me, and hat about a popup each time the trace passes a completed street! :smiley:

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Yeah, I had the same thought @petje … some kind of visual display of completed streets or completed nodes along the way … I’m worried that’ll be too database-intensive, but I’m going to have a look!

agree, the other one is mucht too fast and ‘wobbly’

The route tracing version of this is live now. I’ve made it a subscriber-only feature, because it’s tied to map views and those cost me :moneybag:.

Would it be possible to have this for ALL runs from the beginning of time so you can see your city fill up? Of course the animation should be much faster.
Furthet, to be honest, i dont care too much about this feature. There is already something out there (relive?) that can do it for your Strava runs and displays it on an aerial view. If you want to be a bit more crafty yourself you can do a playback on google earth view with total control and in 3D

Actually, Strava recently decided to no longer allow Relive to use its data, so no, you cannot get Relive animation with Strava runs any more. Yes with Runkeeper etc, just not Strava.