ReRun for cities

As an extension of the new time filter, it would be really cool to have the equivalent of what the ReRun does for activities, but for the lifemap/cities as a whole. For example: set start date, set end date and watch how the activities are added to the lifemap over time until the end date.

Seconding this!

Yoy can use Strava Multiple Ride Mapper for that if you have Strava.
I did that and made a screen capture to make a movie.
Here’s the gif version Login • Instagram


+1 on jonathanokeeffe. Only thing is, when you have walks and runs combined, it won’t work there. It’s one or the other. So i hope it’s relative easy for James to get a runs/walks checkbox on the lifemap.

I think there are a couple of reasons why it makes sense to have this functionality on-site:

  • not everyone uses strava
  • it would be consistent with the aim of the site (tracking completion of streets/cities), so not a case of feature creep
  • if animations are published and get views it would be nice to have the CS logo in there so that it brings more people here
  • with the filtering already implemented, it feels like a small step to add this as well (I’m not a developer, so this is pure speculation)