Request for OSM advice / town refresh, ghost node

:link: My profile link : Aaron Fitzsenry - CityStrides

Spent some time mapping a nice little Island but encountered something I can’t quite make out. For the street Bay View Avenue - CityStrides in Portsmouth, Rhode Island - CityStrides , there’s a node that seems untethered and invisible that I can’t find in any part of OSM. I don’t see anything in it’s history relating to the ghost node either. The street seems to also occupy the space belonging to Sunset Avenue - CityStrides. Anyone know if this is an OSM thing or a CS thing in need of a refresh?

The circled node and the one to the left of it were orphaned from some past sync. I manually deleted those, and started a new sync … It’s odd that any nodes on Sunset Ave would be present for Bay View Ave …

Could I get a similar node deletion for Grand Park Boulevard - CityStrides? The road used to curve upward through the node, but has since changed. I think this node should be on the intersection since it doesn’t have a node, but I’m not sure why it hasn’t ever been picked up there.

I think I found another of these if you have time to take a peek. Sand Plain Trail - CityStrides was updated to end at its connection to South Shore Village Boulevard - CityStrides after some construction. The first update to South Kingstown, Rhode Island - CityStrides added a new road I’d created, but left the orphaned chunk of Sand Plain to the west. Waited for another update, but today’s didn’t change anything. Appreciate any help you can suggest!