Request for node removals (3 streets), Newark, NJ

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Hello, CityStrides folks. Can someone help with removing these 3 streets’ nodes from OSM? Thanks in advance! – Chris

Coastal Street is within a security area, with nonauthorized access prohibited and its Port Street intersection blocked by a fence.

Nutria Street is a narrow alley between tall buildings, with its Market Street and Branford Place access points fenced off and locked up tight. No longer in use, as far as I can tell.

Wilburton Place is a narrow alley that runs next to a house. At the back of the house, access to the rest of the alley is blocked by a fence. A business on Broadway wouldn’t allow me to cross its premises to get to the only other potential access point I was able to identify.

I switched the three roads’ Allowed Access into a ‘no’ value.

Edit clash it seems, I just set them to private😄
And also School House Alley next to Nutria which seemed to be closed also

Hahaha - great minds think alike.
I let your ‘private’ access status to remain.

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Thanks very much, Halef and Hans!

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