Request for Node removal in Johnstown, Ohio

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There are four nodes on East Douglas Avenue in Johnstown, Ohio that need removed. They are the four eastern-most nodes. The road ends at the TJ Evans Trail and on the OSM page it shows it continuing. I tried to edit it on the map and it shows that it is gone but the nodes remain on City Strides. There is nothing there but a marshy field with waist high weeds and a swamp the further out you try to go to get the far node. I’m attaching my Strava attempt to get there (there were trees to the left so I couldn’t follow the path exactly). Any help in getting these removed would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

After you fixed it in OSM you need to wait for it to be imported into CS, normally about a week. When you look at a city page you see the date for its last import in the header line, to the right of the number of km’s

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Thanks, Hans! We’ll see if it updates with the fix. I hope I did the edit correctly.