Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities

Profile: Mark Frank - CityStrides
Date: 2023-1-23
Error on single activity sync: yes
Activities toggle color: green

Thank you for staying with this. Sounds like a bugger.

Date(s): 2023-1-24
Error on single activity sync: yes
Activities toggle color: green

Hi my profile number is 57185 and my account name is under Kevin Mineard. I have a couple of runs that have not synced from Garmin and I have manually requested them to the point where it says it is a duplicate request. Has been since yesterday and has not synced to my profile. Thanks

Sent this too fast (the dangers of mornings). But my activity has appeared. Thank you!

Mine appeared over night. Thank you, James.

Hi James. Looks like this is now resolved for me. I can see 2023-1-24 activity now in both the profile and Lifemap!

Mine appeared overnight. Thank you!

Thanks you James for your work on this. My Jan 23 activity is now there! I really appreciate your work.


Mine is here as well, thank you for your help!!

Everything is fixed! Thanks @JamesChevalier !!!

Accounts 23927 and 24255 are now up to date! Thank you to the Garmin/City Strides elves.

Profile: Thomas T Larsen - CityStrides
Date(s): 2023-1-23
Error on single activity sync: yes
Activities toggle color: green

Mine’s back too, thanks so much!

At least, I can see my newest activities. My husband however, cannot see any progress on my Profile or Life Map since Sunday. Can you? Hmmm.

There are two versions of the LifeMap for everyone - your view of yourself, and anyone else’s view of yourself. People who are fully private will have blank LifeMaps for other people viewing it … and people with privacy set to per-activity will have their private activities hidden for other people.

So you’ve either got some things set to private, or the LifeMap rebuild didn’t fully complete, or there’s some caching in place.
Just in case, I started a LifeMap rebuild for both accounts. There’s a 46min delay for free accounts, but outside of that the jobs usually finish within 15mins or so.

Garmin did confirm that there was some response time issues with my servers on the 23rd/24th. They also confirmed that they have a retry mechanism, so your activities should automatically arrive on their own.

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Thank you! Activities are logged!!


Runkeeper user, profile link here: Jan - CityStrides - love this site, big fan!

I deleted an activity from Citystrides today, activity was from 29 December 2021, because I wanted to correct something in the map. I first edited and saved in Runkeeper, then deleted in CS, then did a manual sync, but now it doesn’t seem to be brought back in with the manual sync (tried a couple times over± 4 hours). I’ve done this before but maybe with more recent runs only.

Any ideas, or should i just have patience?