Removing multiple alerts about node limit

Every time that you zoom out too much during node hunter you get “There is a 1,000 Node limit.”. My problem is that sometimes its difficult to find correct zoom to be under limit. So you try this couple times. And you get finally situation without popup. But now you need to close like 6 popups. And then you move map a little to more dense area and again popup start appearing.

Is it possible to either close automaticly popups after some time (like 2 seconds) or show only one popup? Personally I dont see point in showing like so many popups.

And if you will make mistake and scan many times until you spot popup now you can have many of them - and they are so stacked that they are above page. So you close last from bottom, but you have more on page so you close them, but you dont see difference, because they are dropping from top of column, that is not visible.

Example of situation that you have too many popups and last one is cut off.

Ah, I didn’t have a default timeout on info messages because I also use those for release notifications & I don’t want those to automatically disappear. I’ve changed this node limit notification to an error, which automatically disappears in 5 seconds.

Each time you click the Node Hunter button, it’s a new interaction. It re-checks whether you’re zoomed out beyond level 14 (about 1k feet in the bottom left gauge), and displays the alert if you are.

I suppose the core issue is that I have to balance two things:

  • People who aren’t aware of the limitation, who see Node Hunter as behaving oddly and sometimes not showing all the unfinished nodes & submitting support tickets asking for help
  • People who do know how things work, and are comfortable with not being told about it

I’ll look into adding an “OK OK I get it!” button to the alert, which will hide future notifications.

Update: The next version will include a “Don’t alert me again” button which will set a cookie which tells Node Hunter whether or not you want to be nagged to death :laughing:
(Closing this topic, which frees up people’s votes - I think there’s a limit)


Good call Piotr. This kinda bugged me too. Very cool that James is able to make it possible to remove this message.

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