Regional councils instead of multiple villages

I’ve noticed that some entries in CityStrides of “place:village” OSM type place are present (such as this) but some are regional councils (OSM type “boundary:administrative”) which are actually a collection of this “place:village” type places such as this

Why is that? in the latter case, it makes more sense to be broken up into the various villages. You can even notice the same street name is shared among a few places, kilometers away, but in CityStrides it is actually just one street entity

It’s just because CityStrides operates by denominating via administrative boundary, and the villages are coded differently and with ‘fuzzier’ boundaries. Administrative boundaries need to be sourced to some sort of mapping authority (as far as I know). Plus, denominating it even smaller into the villages will be reductive…I feel your pain on finishing a road in a rural village only to find out there’s another road with the same name 2 miles away in the same admin area.

Here’s five different “Rua da Escola” (School Road) in a few different hamlets that collectively count as just one.