>>> Reaching out to Dutch Community / Interview for Dutch Runnersworld Magazine NL

Hi (Dutch) Citystriders Community,

I’ve recently completed my city + outskirts which took my fairly quite a while (Den Bosch / 2063 streets)
Last friday I organised an event and finishline for my last street called marathonloop (marathonrun = name of the street)
After, I got interviewed by the Dutch newspaper about the project and it will be published soon.

The reporter and I wants to write an article about us and Citystrides for Runnersworld magazine.

I’ve shared a few Dutch names who I think are still very active or completed massive projects.
Would you be open for an interview? My main goal here is to inspire other people to try the same we did, and I’m sure we all have same and different motivations and cool stories to tell about, and why we like this way of running.
Limburg @petje
Utrecht @jeffreyseverijn
Amsterdam @p.gomes
Amstelveen @jordytimmerman
Groningen @kellingf
Eindhoven @timvanlieshout
Leeuwarden @smits.jm

Please let me know if I miss someone here who deserves massive credits for their efford.
I’ve excluded names who skip many streets even though citystrides mark them as complete
For me it’s more about the visual effect of the lifemap, to go the extra mile, and actually run every street, not being lazy here :wink:

Might be cool to know how @wouter jansen and @Tonhettema are experiencing the battle to become the first one to run Rotterdam, this big city in The Netherlands.

Just send me a whatsapp, we want to publish stories of Dutch citystride runners end of next month for Runnersworld Magazine (NL). If you have something to add or have a cool idea, let me know aswell 0623760949

Groetjes Willem.


Nice map! Impressive effort.

I’ve shared this with the EverySingleStreet community on Twitter, with a link here. I hope that helps!

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Hi Willem,

Nice idea, as I notice that a lot of people don’t know that this exists.

I am currently the #1 in Tilburg (2451 streets), hoping to finish it this year (with a few difficult nodes to reach…)
Will drop you a message.


Thanks for sharing @JamesChevalier . I probably have every Dutch citystriders phonenumber now :slight_smile: .
I’ll send you a copy when it’s in the magazine.

Regards Willem

Nice. Looking forward to the edition. Will buy that one for sure.

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Has this article been in the magazine already? Any link to it? Nice to read about my fellow Citystriders. Personally I am at 86% of the city of Groningen.

Not very active in the forum nor in Citystrides (since I like to run mainly in the forests) but nice to see some attention is given to this project. I’m at #2 in Arnhem but like I said, not very super active in running streets.

I’ll check the magazine when it’s published!

Dear Willem, @willemdl
Any update on this? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s curious.
Regards, Tim