Ranking striders in a city

If i look at the striders in a/my city i see them according to ranking, Thats is great for the competitive mind :-)!

The strange thing is that i do not see myself. So if I want to know where my ranking is (and I do :slight_smile: ) I have to look which percentage I have run and then look (=scroll) where I stand: so it would be fine if you found yourself in the list.

The second point is that the percentage is ony in integers (no decimals) so if 20 people have lets say 15% you donot know your own ranking. So two decimals would be great

a third point is that if there are many striders in a city you would manually have to count wich place you are in. If that is place 50, you have to scroll and count many: → so it would maybe a nice idea to add a ranking number.

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I’ve battled this a bit myself, while building the site … If I’m looking at my view of the city, should I be ‘highlighted’ by bringing myself up to the top of the page? That’s the route I’ve taken so far, but you’re right - it takes me ‘out of the competition’.

I’ve heard a number of suggestions/requests around decimal percentage, but they’ve mainly been around the idea of “I want to see the number change” as opposed to “I want to know how I really compare to others.” I’m still a little on the fence about the idea, but I’m starting to see the merit of two decimal places… If you’re reading this and want two decimal places, let me know here. :smiley:

Interesting idea about adding a ‘place’ number to the list. If it’s a simple addition & I can design my way through it, I’ll add that.



Yes please. 2 decimal points would be great both competitively speaking and psychologically especially running in a large city.

I you add a rank nr you als want to know how many run that city … maybe that would be a nice nr on the profile/city page

aha, now i can see how many striders there are if I click on the icon in the middle of the city. Didn’t know about it. Is it a new feature or have I just only now discovered it? Very nice!

I agree, 2 decimal places would be really useful.

Here’s another vote for two places!