Ranked List of Cities by Street Count

Just out of curiosity, I am wondering if there is a list or a way to get a list that ranks cities by the number of streets. I’m just wondering where my city ranks related to other cities around the world.

I like it. I have seen posts where people posts links to cities with thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of streets. Would be cool if the main CS cities page offered a sort on street count, not just alphabetically as it is now. Then we could hunt by count!


Thanks! Over 11k streets in my city. I know that is a lot, but I’m not sure how it really compares!

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I have a city (Lipan) near where I am moving (Granbury) that has 23 streets. I’ve gone by a couple times to check it out. Down to just 7 to go… Hopefully will finish on the next trip. Granbury is going to be trickier, as it’s so spread out… Which brings me to another idea, which might already be here: City Difficulty Rating, which is based on how many miles (minimum) it would take to 100% the city. Would then be cool to see how many miles were spent by each, to actually capture all the nodes. As all Striders learn, a lot of streets get traversed again, and again, on the hunt for more nodes… And of course there are the cul-de-sacs and dead end roads, some of which can be quite long.

Happy New Year!

This could be done using @99aad85097beec3cac01’s http://www.everystreetchallenge.com site: sorting cities by efficiency should give a difficulty ranking. IIRC the algorithm is expensive to run, so that might be a problem…

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I LOVE this idea.
My City Brisbane, Australia has 13523.
I’m 6.39% in…

The biggest problem is that there are up to 17 streets with identical names, and CityStrides counts them as 1, so technically there are way more that 13,523 and also it means I have to travel up to an hour in all directions by car to “complete” a disparate “street”.

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Patience and perseverance i guess then is aksd here. Damn 13,5 k, i am already happy nearing 7k in 3+ years. What a project, good luck