Ran new streets, didn't progress or complete ANY street?

I ran a race this past weekend in a new place, and when I look at my activity on CityStrides (Caroline K's activity on August 6, 2022 - CityStrides) I didn’t progress or complete a single street (!?). The race was August 6, so it doesn’t seem like a processing delay issue. When I search for the locality (Cape Elizabeth, Maine), under United States > Maine, the town doesn’t seem to exist.


Yeah, sounds like Cape Elizabeth doesn’t exist in CityStrides yet.

It does exist in OSM - Relation: ‪Cape Elizabeth‬ (‪11155161‬) | OpenStreetMap - so this will be imported the next time I work through the Missing/Broken Cities Tracker - Google Sheets

After I add it, your progress will automatically be calculated

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