Radius Circles from location

Im quite new to completing City Strides properly and have now got about 16% of my city done with dog walking. Mark Darlington's Map View - CityStrides

What would help more be efficient is someway of seeing what roads are outstanding within say 1 mile radius of ‘home’. I know I can use other sites for this but being able to go easily all here could be so good.

No idea how easy or expensive this is to do though.

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That’s called an isochrone, and there are some options for me to determine those values.

My current workflow without this feature is that I keep an eye on the distance display while using Route Builder. If I’m planning a remote neighborhood, I’ll map the path from my house to the neighborhood and then keep in mind while building the rest of the route that I have that distance to add at the end.
I build my routes from my view of the city page, so I’ve got my LifeMap displayed as an indicator of where I don’t need to travel to again.

I’m interested in what your expected workflow would be. Would you want to click the map to see a shape drawn on it, indicating the distance around you? Would you expect Node Hunter to be incorporated (a sort of “Node Hunter with a distance limitation”)?

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Thanks James.

I dont use route builder at all and most of my walks are 2-3 miles at a time. So im not looking for a say a 10 mile route planned.

I would like to open the map with node hunter opened and then add ‘layer’ at a known distance. So I can then see what nodes I have left to collect in that area.

I do like the idea of node hunter within x miles of my location as that would achieve the same thing for me which is getting those nodes closest to home.

Thank you

Piggybacking -
I’ve also thought about this (and had commented on similar threads) and will be upvoting this one. It’d work for me to have an icon to overlay a large circle on the map (like below).

I can do all the zooming, moving, scaling, node hunter to fit within the circle and/or however else i want to measure distances at a glance. There are some roads that will be “longer” to run (as i have to cross the river), but that’s not a showstopper.


Derek thank you ! That is exactly what trying to explain with words.

James, this could be a member feature as well

+1, I was also thinking about this as there is only so far I can go with my dog on morning walks, or away from my office on a lunchtime walk. I know roughly how far I can go to a point I’ve been before so currently drawing a fake circle with my finger to try and determine how far I could go, but this would be a useful feature to make this easier.

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There is a two step solution that can work with current functionality:

  1. turn on live GPS from life map
  2. add a straight line the desired distance & direction away from your current (or other desired) location

Repeat as needed in different directions.

Of course recognize the functionality and UI suggested for the idea is clean and visually appealing but wanted to share this process I currently use to address situations described above.

Won’t personally vote for this because the benefit of the functionality does not outweigh the cost of an additional icon on a small phone screen (imo).

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