Quite a few streets to do again after a city refresh but I have

Waverley got refreshed earlier today. Waverley, England - CityStrides
I was at 100% but three unmade tracks got added which I have just run. Just about legit as are public bridleways but do have the odd house down so a car could get down it to get there but really not the sort of “street” you really associate with CS.
Anyway I still have 30 streets to complete but as far as I can see I am at 100% in all of them even with Hard Mode on.

Also the figure in the city view differed to the summary one where before the run I had 4 to do but could not work out which is the one missing.

Maybe just needs to be resynched ?


Ah just noticed that things now seem OK and I have been “given” those 30 streets so am now back to 100%. Phew!

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Yeah, the post-city-update processing can be quite slow.

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