Purge activities that have 0 COMPLETED 0 PROGRESSED streets?

Is there a way to clear activities that are not contributing to the progress? My LifeMap is cluttered with old tracks that I imported, and while I have manually deleted some that had jumpy GPS tracks, I’d like an automated way to clean this up. Specifically, I’d like a button to queue deletion of activities that have 0 COMPLETED and 0 PROGRESSED streets. What do you all think? @JamesChevalier

I’ll keep an eye on the vote count, here, but I’m not self-motivated to work on this idea.

  • I don’t see old activities as clutter, especially within a view named LifeMap :smile:
  • If I delete data in CityStrides, I’m blocked in any future ideas that could have used that data (that said, I do delete all the data for anyone who leaves CityStrides by revoking access)
  • Deleting data is kind of (computationally) expensive

These are good points. Fair enough. I can manually clean anything I don’t want there. No worries :slight_smile:

I’d be more interested in the activities with zero miles being deleted. Some of my older activities have been converted several times, and by the time they get here some weird stuff gets listed.

My first “activity” is a great example: CityStrides Zero miles and no map. I’m not even going to guess what created this activity originally, just that it provides zero information of use on this site.

Not all 0 completed 0 progressed activities are equal too. Some are (like my latest run) where I’ve completed streets in a nested city but it looks 0/0 because they aren’t in the parent city yet. Or when you run in an area that hasn’t been added to CS.

Deleting all 0/0 activities would mean you’d have to run these streets again which doesn’t seem right.

There’s enough complexity here for me to agree that this isn’t a very good idea in general.

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This is a bad idea. A future map update may suddenly cause a previously undocumented street to appear in that location.