Private street shouldn't be on list?

Via de Salerno is a street within a private gated community in Pleasanton California.
Should that street be taken off the Pleasanton street list?

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Hi @mbrill, you can go edit the street in OSM ( which is where CityStrides pulls its data from. You probably will need to make an account first to edit.

For a private street, you can edit the street (or just a section of the street) to be like this:

Then, about once a month, all cities in CityStrides should get updated from OSM, and you should see that road deleted from Pleasanton.


Meghan Thompson’s activity on December 26, 2022 - CityStrides

This is my first time trying to edit a private street. I found Mike’s Pleasanton post and the response from Joey…so here it goes.

I posted my run from yesterday (above), where I ran up to the gate on Maple Canyon Road, and there are nodes on both sides…so I want to keep the ones that I hit and mark “private” the ones that I did not. I signed up for OpenStreetMap, per the link in Joey’s email. I took the website lesson.

I cut the street at the node that I believed to be near the gate,
highlighted the chopped part of the road
Changed the sections for Allowed Access to “Private” in all sections (the first time I did not do this, but I edited and fixed it to this)
Saved for the second time.
Made a comment that the road was closed.

Changeset: 130570815 | OpenStreetMap

Hope that I did it correctly!

Thank you!

PS - Mike, thanks for taking the time to edit Pleasanton…I am working on Livermore right now, but plan to get to Pleasanton, when I’m all done :slight_smile:

One other thing I would recommend doing is changing that point where you split it to a gate. It’s just a little more info that could be helpful to add.

Also just changing the top access tag to private like in Joey’s picture above is enough.

After doing some snooping around though, I’m wondering if this is more of a temporary closure than anything else. It looks like the campground further down the road is seasonally open and it closed for the winter in October. Also if you can pay to get past the gate when it’s open, access=customers would probably be a more appropriate tag. This still would exclude it from CityStrides. But I’m obviously speculating a bit here.