Privacy question: Public life map but private activities

I read some older forum posts around the simplification of the privacy options. I get why it’s better to have really simple options and that everyone has a different focus when it comes to privacy. Thought I’d ask anyway: Is there a way to have a public lifemap, but set the activity details to private?

I just switched my profile to public and the privacy setting to “Per activity” (all activities are private by default in MapMyFitness). Now that I have done this for more than a year in my hometown, I’m really motivated to finish Bonn and I’d like to show off a bit. :slight_smile: I thought about what details I’m ok with to share. I have my name, home address and my employer’s address online anyway. So I don’t mind if you can work this out from the Life Map. I do feel a bit uneasy though with sharing each activity’s details. Not especially the location information, but the time details, allowing anyone to see a very detailed profile of when I’ve been where. There’s no specific reason, I’m not being stalked, I just think that is over-sharing.

Currently, when you visit my public profile, the Life Map is empty. But you can see the cities, and clicking on my hometown, you can see which streets I have completed (by name). You can also show them on the map. If I manually clicked “show” on all completed streets in the public map of my city, I guess I would get something similar to the Life Map. So the information of where I have been is kind of public already with this combination of settings. Any chance that we could get a “Make Life Map public” checkbox in the privacy settings? :slight_smile: