Previously completed nodes now marked as not done

:link: My profile link : Andrew Looms - CityStrides

About a year ago I noticed that a lot of streets I had completed were no longer marked as complete. On checking the map there are nodes that are red even though runs go right through them. Reading through other posts I understand this may be due to new nodes being added to OpenStreetMap. Is there anything I can do to fix this other than running them again?


If you did run through them it should be ok now. If it isn’t, can you share links to your profile, which city and street?

Thanks for the super quick response.

I’m not sure how many streets are affected, but I was on over 80% in Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK, and now it’s down to 73%. Examples are Dimsdale Parade West, Clare Avenue and Bradwell Lane in the screenshot.

There are also streets affected in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, UK, and probably other places too which I’ve not spotted.

This looks really strange! I cannot see why you would have red nodes here when you have run these streets properly. I think we must ask @JamesChevalier if he can understand what has happened

I’ve been noticing this as well


This is really weird… I’m hoping it’s tied to some failed city updates, and not an ongoing issue.

I just queued up all your activities for reprocessing, which will fix things up now. Same for your account, @cvandyk
I’d expect this to take another 5-15 minutes.

Please reply here if you notice nodes being unmarked as complete in the future.

Sorry for delay in replying, I’ve been away. It is now all fixed, thank you very much for dealing with this so quickly.

I’ve got the same issue - nodes that are marked as incomplete but with runs going right through them

Bummer - I can’t help you without links, though
At least a link to your profile page in CityStrides … ideally also links to the city in question & an example street

Oh sorry about that! I thought the profiles were linked for some reason.
My profile here: Susan - CityStrides
City - Toronto
I took screenshots of a few examples - Centre Ave, Bathurst Street, Yonge street. It just seems to be some randoms nodes on these street that get marked as uncompleted. Appreciate your help :pray:

Here’s one of the examples - was unable to upload screenshots of the others

Hi, I’ve also recently realized that this has happened to me.

Profile: Nora's Map View - CityStrides

City: San Francisco, CA
Streets: Haight, Masonic, Fulton, Stanton and probably a bunch more.

Centre Avenue - CityStrides has a section in the northern area of the city that you have not completed

Bathurst Street - CityStrides & Yonge Street - CityStrides are quite long and extends outside of your covered area but I didn’t run calculations to see what % you’re at

I just reprocessed your activities, but don’t see a change in numbers. Perhaps the fact that you’re in Hard Mode is affecting things. Your account is private (well, it’s per-activity, but none of the activities are shared), so I can’t view things directly to check if these nodes are still marked as unfinished.

@JamesChevalier thank you, it all looks normal now!