Potentially stupid question - Garmin v Strava

Hi there -

Just discovered this site and very excited about its potential - thank you all those involved in its creation!

This is potentially a stupid question but I’ve read various other posts and don’t fully understand yet. I use Garmin for recording all my runs, and sync to Strava. I’ve linked both to my CS profile, should I unlink the Strava one given the API issues, and will all my run history from Garmin then import here?


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As a new user you don’t have to worry about previously imported activities going away with Strava deauthorization, so your best experience will be leaving Strava off and syncing through Garmin.


Thanks for getting back so quickly. I’ve paused Strava and just left Garmin syncing - so will it just work away in the background for the historical activities?

Thanks again

No problem at all. Yes it will, provided you’ve gone to the settings page and click “Run History Sync” under Garmin on the right side.

Hmmm, I don’t have anything that says “Run History Sync” - there isn’t anything under the Garmin logo in the settings page…

Do you see pause syncing next to Garmin? That’s where the History Sync button is. May possibly be a subscriber only feature, but I thought it was sopen to all.

I am a subscriber… next to Garmin I see “pause syncing” - does that mean the history sync is already in progress?


It is a one-time button … have you clicked it already?

Possibly! I honestly can’t remember! I just wondered if now I’ve disabled Strava if the history sync would transfer to the Garmin? Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks very much

No worries. I’ll check on your Garmin history sync tomorrow and reply back after I see what’s going on / manually sync your account.

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Thanks very much @JamesChevalier - totally fine if it just needs some time to work, I just wanted to check I didn’t need to do anything else!

I’m not sure if you managed to fix something but they all seem to be coming through, albeit very slowly. I’ll just be patient and they’ll all end up there in the end!

Thanks very much!