Possible to roll back a recent sync?

For context, I live in a city with buildings that really mess with my GPS signal so I always manually ‘fix’ the GPS-scrambled parts of my run and upload them manually to Runkeeper for transfer to CS. For the past ~24 hours, Runkeeper upload isn’t working for me (currently dealing with their support team, or waiting to anyways). So I tried to use Mapmyrun as a backup. Since my Garmin still syncs to MMR and so all of my activities are on there, and since there’s no single activity sync for MMR, I uploaded yesterday’s run to MMR and hit sync now thinking it would only bring in my recent run.

Unfortunately this caused a deluge of duplicate old activities flowing in. Is it possible to roll back what I just did so I don’t have to manually delete, uh, dozens of semi-duplicate activities? I mentioned in the Water Cooler chat that I’m not sure exactly why it happened, I thought there was some check that CS does to avoid duplicate activities with identical start times. Since the activities in my MMR come directly from Garmin, there should be no discrepancy between their start times.

To be clear my biggest issue is with getting my activities into Runkeeper in the first place and I’m working with them on that problem…and I learned my lesson and won’t be syncing MMR again.

For anyone else dealing with Runkeeper upload not working, here’s what I just heard from their support team:

Thank you very much for the update and I apologize for the persistent nature of this issue. Our developers have informed me that this issue is related to some recent changes that were made to the website from the backend. Our team is currently working on a fix for the issue.

I guess I will retract my request that you @JamesChevalier specifically roll back my recent MapMyRun sync, I’ve started going back and doing it manually (sigh) but I’m still curious if it is something that can actually be done.

Also, at some point today the Runkeeper upload started working again. They didn’t tell me and I was out all day so I don’t know how long it’s been functioning again.

If you still have any duplicates, can you share a link to one set?
If you’ve already cleaned them up, but you recall a date where you had dupes can you share that date?

If your issue can be summed up to e.g. “everything from Jan 1, 2020 and back from MapMyFitness is a duplicate” then yeah I can clean that up quickly. The more nuanced things get, the less and less likely it is that I’ll be any faster.

I’m also working with Runkeeper support, potentially on what’s effectively the same issue. There seems to be quite a bit of random failures on their side.

Disappointing to hear that they’re causing problems, I’ve been using RK as my CS intermediary for over a year now and this is the first time I had problems with it.

Thanks for the offer but I’m sure you’ve got bigger fish to fry and I’ve already done about a hundred over the last 1.5 years or so…should be almost done :face_with_spiral_eyes: