Possible glitch with nested areas?

@JamesChevalier, I absolutely love, love, love your new code that allows for CS updates from OSM every 1-2 weeks. I’ve noticed the cities of Los Angeles County, California, updating approximately every 7 days which is incredible. But I’ve also noticed a possible glitch in this new code…

See the picture above. That walk was on 23 March 2023 which was over 4 weeks ago. On that same date, I corrected OSM to mark those three cul-de-sacs as private (see the three red nodes). But they haven’t updated in CS yet, despite multiple city of Los Angeles updates during the last month.

These streets are not only in the city of Los Angeles, but also in the nested area of Tarzana (which, to my knowledge, has not updated during this same time period). Is it possible the current weekly updates are only processing city of Los Angeles sections that OSM doesn’t (yet) have lower admin areas for? Meaning, L.A. only without a defined neighborhood (such as Tarzana). Or what else could be going on?

Thank you!
Scott Trimble
Los Angeles, CA

Click/tap the nodes - a popup will appear telling you which streets/cities they belong to.
You can click through the listed cities to check the date of their last sync.

It’s possible that the other city/cities haven’t been updated yet.
It’s also possible that the lag time between edits in OSM and those edits being present in the system I query caused them to not make it into that sync. But that system isn’t usually more than a day behind…

Tarzana (nested within Los Angeles) was updated by CS yesterday on 04/21/2023.

OSM confirms that this section of the street behind the gate was marked as Private.

OSM also shows that the Private change was made one month ago.

@JamesChevalier, thanks for prompting me to pull this up. How did I not know that the red nodes are clickable? :wink: Anyway, the screen captures show that the street was marked Private one month ago, but that change didn’t make it into yesterday’s CS update.

But I’ve seen many other updates come through yesterday… which is why I hypothesized that it had to do with nested areas. But I really don’t know. :man_shrugging: Any new thoughts? Thanks!

@stst415 I notice that the three streets you refer to have been in CS updated for Los Angeles, they are shorter, and you have completed them. But very strange that they have not been updated for Tarzana!

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Ah! Tarzana was heavily modified - in a way that deleted its original relation record: Relation: 11002094 | OpenStreetMap

Further searching shows that whoever did that edit fully removed the city, so some Large OSM Edits™ are needed to bring that back. Until that’s done, CityStrides will get no updates to changes in Tarzana.

I was able to see this by opening the three-dot vertical menu on the city page, click on the link for OSM, and review the details on that page (its latest update). It’s still a little obfuscated, because you have to notice that the map on that page doesn’t include a city border.

[edit] oh wow, I think that edit removed all nested cities from OSM



The good news is that it’s not a CS glitch (which means no further work on your part).

The bad news is that fixing the problem is beyond my current OSM skills (it’s high on my to-do list to learn JOSM since I know that boundary issues are easier to work on there than at iD).

The funny news is that Tarzana disappeared just as I’ve completed about 98% of it. :wink:

All good, though. At OSM, the neighborhoods of Los Angeles are a mess anyway. It was odd that Tarzana even appeared in CS since other nearby neighborhoods like Woodland Hills and Reseda didn’t. That’s why I’ve got to fix them all up eventually. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to focus on the overall city of Los Angeles striding…

Thanks again!

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Wow, good sleuthing. Any idea why those edits were made? Maybe the powers at OSM need to undo them?

All I can see are the changeset comments from the editor and an OSM user.

Original changeset comment by editor:

Deleted misleading admin boundaries, which represented unofficial, subjective neighborhood boundaries. There are no admin_level=9 government levels in the City of Los Angeles. Moreover, they appeared to be copied from the copyrighted MappingLA project

I’m a Los Angeles strider and the deletion of neighborhoods was very dispiriting.

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