Portions of some streets extend onto private property

In Wallingford, CT the last three nodes on Tankwood Road are on private property beyond a locked gate. Also, Chalet Dr in Citystrides is actually Miles Dr and the nodes extend into a private corporation driveway

As you may know, the CityStrides map is derived from OpenStreetMap, so these features need to be edited there. I was able to independently verify that at least the north-south section of Chalet Drive is actually Miles Drive, so I went into OSM and edited that.

However, the most recent images on Google View did not indicate that that curved section is unrunnable, and I could not verify the name of that section, so I did not edit that. (It looks like a road, not a private drive.) You could go ahead and do that, if you are confident.

Similarly, I was not able to establish exactly where Tankwood Rd ends, so I did not edit that myself.

If you look at the satellite view you can clearly see that Miles Dr ends at a cul-de-sac where it turns west into private commercial property. Also at the end of Tankwood you can see the gate on the satellite view that blocks the road.

Also, I work for the town and can verify that Chalet Dr is not an official town road (again its a commercial driveway). Google Maps has Tankwood depicted correctly ending well short of that shown on OSM.

I see the gate you mention separating Tankwood Road from the private driveway, and have made those edits.

I see the cul-de-sac, but it is by no means clear (to me) where Miles Drive ends, and where a possibly private driveway begins. So, I don’t see enough evidence for myself to be comfortable editing the features. But, as I mentioned, you can go ahead and do that yourself.

FYI, it could be a private road, but still be in CS.

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Thanks for your help. I already ran Miles and “Chalet” in any case.

Hi both, looking to mark up a private road in my area visible as runnable in city strides too.
what do i need to do in open street map for this to filter through to CS?
does it then take long for it to filter through or need to be approved or anything like that?

Welcome to another Connecticut CityStrider! If you’d like to learn how to do basic editing of OSM for issues like these, I can teach you via videoconference. I have become quite adept in editing since I started doing so in 2020.

There is also a how to in the wiki: OSM Basics