Plymouth, MA OSM help

Looking to delete just one node which I cannot locate on OSM.

You need to give us some details? In which city is this, please give the link for it in CS. And which street does the node belong to? Link?

I’m sorry, it is Halfway Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA, USA.

Halfway Pond Road - CityStrides

Really strange, I can’t see anything in OSM where that node seems to be OpenStreetMap

Yeah, odd. I’m re-syncing the city to see if that helps.

It’s been like this for a while. I’m just going back in hard mode and trying to physically complete the nodes or update OSM. This node is inside the Dept of Corrections land so is off limits to the public.:woman_shrugging:


I just deleted it in the CityStrides database. Let’s see if it comes back somehow…

It seems to be gone now! Thanks!

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