Pier 91 Seattle is private

I tried to run the nodes on Pier 91 in Seattle (near the Magnolia bridge) but the guard at the gate would not grant me access and said only authorized personnel could enter.

I can see 3 others have completed it.

One of them less than a month ago

All the street data comes from OpenStreetMap.
If something is incorrect in CityStrides, it should be edited in https://www.openstreetmap.org

There’s some helpful info in the wiki inside this area of the forum: Wiki - CityStrides Community
There are also a lot of helpful people who are good with OSM - hopefully someone will join the conversation who can help out. Further questions might be required - the fact that others have been able to complete it could be something about the pier itself or their behavior, so we might need to figure out which.

@coachlesleym I noticed that as well. Pier 91 didn’t used to be in city strides but the most recent update changed that. I went ahead and fixed the streets on OSM so it should be fixed the next time Seattle gets updated in CS. The three who have completed it must either work there or have trespassed, and trespassing is not easy to do there; believe me, I’ve tried.