Permissive vs. private streets

Those are two examples :slight_smile:

No vehicles allowed in at all. Sounds like access=fee (if I’m reading your message right) would be both accurate, and something that can work with CityStrides.

Thank you!

Looks like I can add these filters to my Overpass query to remove all fee/toll roads.
['access' !~ 'fee'];
['access' !~ 'toll'];

:thinking: Just have to think about whether this will have adverse effects. I suppose it would be limited to foot-accessible (so, not a highway/interstate) roads that you have to pay to drive, but are perfectly free to walk. I can’t imagine there are many/any of these…

Someone else is chiming in that access=customers might be better.

It does have a wiki page: Tag:access=customers - OpenStreetMap Wiki
whereas the toll & fee tags don’t (as far as I can tell)

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I don’t know if that would be an issue with things like American national parks and similar areas?

I’m accessing OSM from my browser (firefox), do you know if I need to add the fee tag in the “Allowed access” box, or if I can/should add it as a “free” (?) tag of access=fee?
My limited experience with OSM doesn’t help me with whether that would mess things up, or if it is possible to add several tags in that way.

I’m unsure :grimacing:
After reading the wiki for customers - Tag:access=customers - OpenStreetMap Wiki - I’m wondering if the tag is fee=yes
Ah, I found Key:fee - OpenStreetMap Wiki
and Key:toll - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I’ll update this post if/when people respond to my request for clarification

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Easy solution is to just pay the entrance fee, and log a walk in Den Gamle By :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve done this with Frilandsmuseet, Tivoli and Zoo in Copenhagen.

I don’t like empty spaces in my map, so if i have to walk to get my purple lines, i will walk :smiley:


@JamesChevalier :
I added the fee = yes.
Can that be added to the CityStrides code? It’s not in the Overpass, from what I can see.

@hjkiddk : But walking would mess with my SmashRun and Strava data :joy:

Won’t affect your stats if you log it as a walk, but it will still be synced with citystrides.

Not sure I see an answer about Foot=Permissive streets. In “Elmbridge” (which I have just got to 100% yeah!) there are quite a way “gated” estates. Not surprisingly these are marked as private on OSM and so generally do not have nodes on CS (apart from a few which marked as open access to all - by mistake which have corrected on OSM). Indeed some of these are always behind a locked gate - especially dead ends and clearly pricate. However there also quite a few “normal” streets where there is no permanent way to stop people entering and there always seems plenty of walkers and indeed runners making use of these streets - some of which actually allow you get “somewhere” as opposed to having to exit where you entered.

From some research I am starting to think that it might be prudent (and possible more accurate) to mark at least the ones that actually connect different entrances as foot=permissive on OSM. Would that actually technically allow them to appear in CS or is it only Foot=Yes ones that count?

Yesterday I covered almost 10K “ticking off” some of these streets in to at least look my Heat Map look more complete. They are ones to the south in my run yesterday where I did the one street I had left in Elmbridge. Tim Grose's Activity on August 30, 2020 - CityStrides A half marathon for one street is a bit of a poor return :slight_smile:

Discovered one example… the Itchen Bridge in Southampton has a toll for cars but not people. Is it perhaps common for toll bridges to be accessible for pedestrians in a way that toll roads generally aren’t? It was one of the streets I had completed in Southampton but was dropped when the data was refreshed.


The road to Fort Desoto, in Florida’s Pinellas Co, has a toll for cars, but not bikes or pedestrians. I have walked and biked it, but it does not fall within a city, which is ok, as I walked it long before I learned of CityStrides.

Oh, and there is a toll, as well as a park entrance fee, again for cars, but not pedestrians or bikes.

I was intrigued on how this was currently setup in OSM.

The access is set correctly with Toll=yes & Toll:foot=no.

Would just need the query adjusted to take into account of the Toll:foot & would be back to normal :+1:

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Not sure I understand what you say about permissive? To me it sounds like a restricted access, where general public (=striders) are not supposed to enter?

It’s nuanced… If I’m understanding correctly:

If a place is technically private, but nobody is enforcing that, then it would be permissive. A local-to-me example of that is Look Park which allows people to freely walk into the park.

Ok, I see. We have this sort of Police academy training ground, with gates and fences, and lots of named, permissive streets. But not sure if the gates are open in daytime, so I have to check if it seems possible to run…

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Yes, went back today, gates open, and no signs about restricted access, so I could run all of it. Probably I’ve driven past there during weekend previously, and then gates were closed. So maybe permissive is ok here

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Are ways tagged allowed access = permissive imported?

I tried to find the list of what’s imported, but could not find it.

Is it in the wiki?


CityStrides Street Query - Google Sheets is linked from About the Node, Street, and City Data

These are the only access based rules right now:

['access' !~ 'customers']
['access' !~ 'no']
['access' !~ 'private']

So, yes, access=permissive is imported into CityStrides.

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