Permissive vs. private streets

Recently signed up to OSM, and have a quick question regarding “correct” tagging:

In my city we have a sort of “outdoor museum” which has some “streets”. Since it’s a pay-to-enter place where it wouldn’t be appropriate to run, I’d like to tag these streets out of CityStrides. Would “permissive” be both correct, and remove them from CityStrides, or do I need to tag them as “private”?


I’m asking about this in the OSMUS Slack group: OpenStreetMap Chat
Can you share a link to one or two of the streets in question within CityStrides?

The end result of the conversation (assuming it doesn’t continue further) is that fee and/or toll would be helpful tags here.

If general public has no right to enter there, but is currently allowed then access=permissive (or foot=permissive vehicle=private ) would fit well.

access=permit is another option for the streets, but fee and/or toll sound particularly attractive, b/c general-purpose routers already know what to do w/ these tags (not sure about CityStrides however).

access=permit seems to be for cases where you need to acquire permit (not just buy a ticket), but place is still available to allmaybe access=customers ?

I’m happy to adjust my Overpass query to account for fee/toll tags.

Those are two examples :slight_smile:

No vehicles allowed in at all. Sounds like access=fee (if I’m reading your message right) would be both accurate, and something that can work with CityStrides.

Thank you!

Looks like I can add these filters to my Overpass query to remove all fee/toll roads.
['access' !~ 'fee'];
['access' !~ 'toll'];

:thinking: Just have to think about whether this will have adverse effects. I suppose it would be limited to foot-accessible (so, not a highway/interstate) roads that you have to pay to drive, but are perfectly free to walk. I can’t imagine there are many/any of these…

Someone else is chiming in that access=customers might be better.

It does have a wiki page:
whereas the toll & fee tags don’t (as far as I can tell)

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I don’t know if that would be an issue with things like American national parks and similar areas?

I’m accessing OSM from my browser (firefox), do you know if I need to add the fee tag in the “Allowed access” box, or if I can/should add it as a “free” (?) tag of access=fee?
My limited experience with OSM doesn’t help me with whether that would mess things up, or if it is possible to add several tags in that way.

I’m unsure :grimacing:
After reading the wiki for customers - - I’m wondering if the tag is fee=yes
Ah, I found

I’ll update this post if/when people respond to my request for clarification

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Easy solution is to just pay the entrance fee, and log a walk in Den Gamle By :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve done this with Frilandsmuseet, Tivoli and Zoo in Copenhagen.

I don’t like empty spaces in my map, so if i have to walk to get my purple lines, i will walk :smiley:

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@JamesChevalier :
I added the fee = yes.
Can that be added to the CityStrides code? It’s not in the Overpass, from what I can see.

@hjkiddk : But walking would mess with my SmashRun and Strava data :joy:

Won’t affect your stats if you log it as a walk, but it will still be synced with citystrides.