Percentage of Street Completed

Though one can always select a street in process and see the completed or incomplete nodes, it would also be pretty awesome to see a percentage of having a particular street completed.

And 90% is still “complete”, correct? I thought I remembered that from reading the wiki.


Not quite sure if I understand you correctly, but you can see the percentage for a particular street, as in this picture, I have taken 8 out of 22 nodes, so 36.36% complete.
And yes, it’s 90 % unless you’re on Hard Mode, then it’s a strict 100%

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I think the idea is to pull that percentage value out into the list of streets. So when viewing a list of incomplete streets in a city, you’d see the number of nodes & its distance & your percentage value.
I’ll need to look into how ‘expensive’ this would be.

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Yeah, I guess I just wasn’t hitting the “go” button on the street that would take me to a dedicated view of just that street. Sorry, I’m new around here! :laughing:
But seeing that percentage with all of the streets accessed on a run would be pretty nice as well. Such as: