Pause/Stop sync toggle

It might be useful to have a way to pause (or stop) activity synching that can be set by the user. The main reason to have it would be as a way to stop adding activities once a project is completed thereby allowing a clean exit. At that point, I would still like to have the map and all the activities on record so just unlinking the account and deleting everything isn’t an option. Having a “soft” disconnect would let users keep access to that, but free up API resources for active users.

If this feature was combined with a way to import only activities from specified time ranges it would also enable “service hopping” as another way to get around API restrictions (ie. pause Strava, import from other service starting today)

Agreed! I completed my city and wanted to stop syncing due to the influx but disconnected without thinking :grimacing: This feature would be much appreciated, and could even set it as an automatic switch if someone hasn’t logged on in (3 months or other arbitrary time period) to keep the queue lower for folks not actively using the service.

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Agreed. This would allow me to pause my strava syncing and sync from Mapmyfitness instead to help with the massive strava backlog

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This would be great. I send my runs from strava to runkeeper via rungap, but would like to have them just come here through runkeeper to help with Strava sync issues. I wonder if I sync my runkeeper app then disconnect strava if I will lose data? I currently have all my data the same.

Do not disconnect Strava, all data will be lost and have to be synced again.


Another reason I can think of is described, by me, here: Activity Types and importing?

I’m assuming this feature would only pause/stop the data upload, not the processing?

You’ve got my vote!


A pause button could be helpful.
I usually run three times as a week, but only one of the runs is citystriding.
So i only need one sync per week, if three runs count for one api call.

If users had the option of disabling automatic sync, they could run a manual sync instead. (Which I think is currently possible anyway). For many users this might cut down dramatically on useless strava API calls.

In exchange for enabling this feature, the manual syncs could be higher priority. (And subject to a limit, e.g. say 5 per week?)

Similarly, you could prioritize manual + supporter syncs even higher.

Just another idea for reducing pointless API calls.

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I merged this into the existing Idea :+1:

This suggestion has piles of nuance and edge cases behind it. It’s too late in my day to go through them all right now. :frowning_face:

I am releasing a feature soon to allow pausing a service from any and all sync activity. I’ll have more details soon … once I can think again … oof, long day. :flushed:


@supermitch I like your line of thinking. Several lines of thinking in fact. :bulb:

Pause/Stop all, coupled with manual (only), sounds good.

Looking forward to seeing more on this!

Get some rest @JamesChevalier, you deserve it!

Done! :rocket: New: Pause syncing


Wow, Great. and immediately i hit pause on the strava connection. Congrats and good luck with the Garmin stuff