Past activities private despite "per activity" setting and public in strava?

(Apologies if this has been explained already, I looked through the forum and found lots of privacy discussions, but nothing addressing my issue)

The privacy settings are not applied to past (before account creation) activities as I had expected.

I have a lot of activities in strava and I would like the corresponding activities in citystrides to have the same privacy setting as in strava. Therefore I have set my citystrides privacy setting to “Per Activity”. The explanatory text in the settings screen says this means that “each activity will have its own public/private setting which defaults to the setting in your activity tracking service”, but that is not the behavior I’m seeing with past activities.

Most of my activities in strava are public, but not all of them.

It seems that when I created my citystrides account, all the past activities it imported were set to private (“Just Me”), even though most of the activities were set to public in Strava. Here’s an example of one such activity:

(This forum seems to be hiding the citystrides link, it’s activity 19920265 )

Activities recorded in strava after creating my citystrides account seem to respect my privacy setting as expected, I would link to an example, but this forum limits me to 2 links per post as a new user. You should be able to see it in my profile screen and it is activity 19969758 .

Is it possible to have citystrides set past activities privacy level to match those in Strava?


During signup, there’s a 3-step welcome process which explains how syncing works and lets you configure some things. One of those settings is your privacy level, which defaults to private.

I wonder if you initially signed up & left this as private, and then later switched it to Per Activity. This would cause all old activities to remain private & new activities to use the privacy setting from Strava.

I’ve built things so that there’s a privacy setting on the Activity and User records. The User privacy setting is only used at the time of creating activities in order to determine what the activity privacy setting should be. Everything else in the site (pages, background jobs, everything) looks solely to the Activity’s privacy setting. This approach simplified a lot of the database queries that were required.

It would be “cost” prohibitive for me to build out a feature to re-sync privacy values from the tracking service, because that would end up being at least one API call for each activity - probably not a huge deal for one person changing their privacy settings once, but multiply that by 30k people with varying amounts of patience/intentions and things fall apart very quickly.

If you have a small number of private activities, you could switch your account to public - wait for that to finish by viewing a previously-private activity in a private browser window - change the activities to be private - then go back and change your account back to Per Activity.

:thinking: Overall, I can see how this isn’t ideal. I’ll think about it a bit more to see if there’s a better way to handle this with code - even if I don’t release it as a publicly-facing feature…