Overhaul of cities in Lancaster County, PA


Some time ago I started fixing and adding cities within Lancaster County, PA, USA. Somebody else also joined and now things seem to be finished in this area. I would just add them to the spreadsheet, but some of the existing CS cities need to be removed as well so I was not sure whether it fit the bill.

  • Some places were a way and are now a relation. I don’t know whether you can update that on the CS side or need to remove and readd.
  • Some places were actually a CDP so should be removed. I changed their tagging in OSM, but did not remove the boundaries. However, the actual administrative boundaries fill the map, so there is no need for the CDPs to be cities (and this would mess up total street count).
  • Existing boundaries were adjusted to fit the Lancaster County shapefile in a few places. Probably easiest to just update the border of any city you are keeping within Lancaster County.
  • Many admin_level=8 relation boundaries were added to cover the entirety of Lancaster County.
  • Here is the Overpass query for admin_level 8 within Lancaster County.
  • Here is the current state in CS

Let me know if anything else needs clarifying.

There were only a handful of cities that needed to be deleted - those are gone now.
The import is running now for all the admin level 8 places. The existing cities should be skipped, but if their names were updated in OSM then it will create duplicates. I didn’t check that ahead of time, since it’s easy enough to delete cities.

That cities ‘beta’ page will not be updated automatically. That’s a whole other beast…