OSM streets modified, but nodes still there?

Last year I edited the local map using the OSM. I left it for a few months to let citystrides update (and plus it snowed here in Canada so no running outside). snow is melted and now I’m back trying to complete all my local streets.

Pic on the left is the OSM. You can see that the roads and the nodes have been removed. The streets have been modified but the nodes still remain. Did I do something wrong when editing the OSM map or is it an issue with city stride?

Pic on the right is the city stride map. The street markings are removed but the nodes are still there. I can’t complete these nodes because now there’s a building there, so want to remove them.

Thanks for any help.

You forgot to mention which city?

Oromocto, NB, Canada

Hans, I’ll save you a search, as I don’t know the answer.

Updated from OSM: 2022-02-21

Hmm, I never noticed that “OSM” on that CS page is a link! Is that the right place? Does not indicate a recent edit.

So you deleted Chestnut Street in OSM? But it’s still there in CS… strange, maybe something for @JamesChevalier to investigate?

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Yes I made the modifications in OSM edit feature. I made quite a few corrections of streets in my little town. The picture I shared is just one example of the edits I did. The streets and such modifications changed in City strides, however the nodes still exist in city strides.


And was this done before Feb 21, that’s when Oromocto was last updated in CS

Yes was done before Nov.

That’s really strange! @JamesChevalier can you take a look at this?

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Here’s another example in the same area. I did not modify this.

The 3 nodes are suppose to be Loyalist Drive. There is no road there at all. I would remove it, but does not exist on OSM. I’m going to Run that area in a couple of days, but I’m pretty sure it’s not accessible.

Thanks guys, for looking into this.

For sure it’s no street, in google street view it is clearly visible that it is some electrical wiring, no paths there.
For OSM editors, it’s a cool editing challenge to map this wiring, probably via this