OSM Edit Complete and CS Udated - Nodes still show

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I made some updates on some driveways and service roads in OSM and this city updated in CS on Nov 3rd and they still show as incomplete streets. I’ve double checked the OSM updates and they check. Not sure what I might be doing wrong on these, as this is definitely not my first rodeo. I think you had something on my last city that you hadn’t checked off on the update? Not sure - fuzzy details on that one, sorry.


Newcastle, WA


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You only seem to have changed the highway type. A service road with a name is still included in CS. If those parts are inaccessible because they are private, then you can tag it as access=private.

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How did you get this city update summary screen? I have a similar problem in that I have updated OSM for private roads but they are still showing as incomplete in CS.


Go to the right hand menu, Settings, Notifications. There you can select for which cities you want the notifications

It’s a subscriber-exclusive feature