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In the most recent update of my city, I noticed that someone added three streets that are located inside a “gardening school”. This is generally closed to the public, but accessible during the summer months during the daytime three days per week.

Would you feel it to be justified to tag these as access = private, or do I need to suck it up and take some time off work to run those 6-800m?

The streets: 1, 2, 3


Personally I’d do both - for OSM because it’s improperly marked if the rules are as you say (not sure if it should be =private or =permissive, with either one they wouldn’t appear as completable on CS); and I’d still run them when possible just to fill in the map a bit more!

  • Are these names coming from official government installed signage or just like a location map (similar to a map you may get when going to a zoo that has ‘Anteater Alley’ & ‘Lion Lane’)?
    -If the latter, leaving the names in OSM is probably best but there may be a particular way to have nicknames vs official names. Never mapped something similar so maybe find some other ‘gardening schools’ and seeing how they are labeled?

  • Is it restricted to pedestrians only?
    -If yes, perhaps highway=footway would be better than service road.

  • Is there a fee required to enter?
    -If yes, adding a fee tag would probably be good.

  • Is it owned by a private entity, government body, other?
    -If private, I’d think access=permissive would fit best. If government body, that a bit more tricky.

Regardless, you should take some time off work to explore this place. Everyone needs a mental health day time to time. Probably advise walking it though; could be a little weird to be seen running it. But if you do run it, make sure it’s a new segment on Strava.


I second the “permissive” tag suggestion. IMHO, it’s what is most accurate. I have to remind myself, frequently, that there are other consumers of the OSM data.

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Oh, those other consumers​:roll_eyes:. I’m having a ”problem” now, there’s a new lady going all around Stockholm, and she’s putting names on a lot of service roads going in between apartment buildings. So I have run the main road there already, and then suddenly this road gets a bunch of new nodes so I have to go back there… I mean, I can’t say she’s doing something wrong… but she’s not considering the CS implications!:tired_face:


Thanks everyone for your responses, I think I’ll try to run it, even if it’s a bit inconvenient. Discovering potentially cool stuff is a big part of the appeal of CS after all.
I’ve considered using the ‘permissive’ tag as well, but that wouldn’t solve my issue since those are not excluded from CS…
@Marty I don’t know if the streets inside are official or not, I ran past the closed entrance gate when I covered that area. From the areal picture, it looks like paved streets for the most part.
@hans1 I’ve seen some interesting “streets” being added (like a McDonald’s drive-thru lane, or the A&E incoming bay at a hospital), but having random nodes pop up on completed streets sounds like a nightmare :laughing:

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