OSM adjusted street but Nodes didn't adjust on sync

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Quick question - I corrected an issue with a street on OpenStreets. Previously, the road (Meadow Lane) was double its current length. After correcting the street and CityStrides syncing (Jan 12, 2024) with OSM, the street appears correctly but it seems that the nodes did not adjust yet.

Is this something that will correct in time or is this a bug?

Map Link (in case you need it): https://citystrides.com/users/31649/cities/19501

This will correct in time.

Mapbox controls the visual map - that’s the drawing of the white line for Meadow Ln in this screen shot.
I control the node/street data - that’s the red dot in the screen shot, and also the street lists in various pages throughout the site.

Paired with that, I update data from OpenStreetMap through various Overpass servers. These servers are usually up to date by about a day or so, but can sometimes lag behind further. I had a recent issue (which I’ve resolved by not accepting data older than a week) where the server was more than a month behind, and would sometimes serve up different data.

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