Opt Out of Max Node Notice

We’re all familiar with this friendly notification:

I’ve never found the “Don’t Alert Me Again” option to work. Can this be checked?

Alternatively, would you consider removing this notice all together? Might be some UI that’s more pain than benefit.

Recognize the desired UI of notifying users the site isn’t showing all that may be expected, of course. But I wonder how often that’s beneficial… is there a world where this functionality/feature is just removed?

That “Don’t alert me again” button currently sets a cookie in the browser that expires with the session. I’ve updated that to last for one year. If you click that button and then see the notification again, let me know & I’ll take further action.

This notice came out of a pile of support requests I received around “Node Hunter not working” but I’d be comfortable testing things out with the notice removed if the year-long cookie doesn’t work out. If I don’t receive lots of complaints/questions, I’d be fine with leaving it off.


Thanks for the super quick, effective response. So far, so good!

I’ve wondered, is it not possible to only show the notification when the browser receives the nodes and the count is 1000? If there are fewer, then nothing went wrong. If there are 1000, then the limit was reached (or there were exactly 1000, but that’s an edge case I’d be willing to ignore).

This way you would not be left wondering whether all nodes were shown or not.


Great point!
The next release will remove the map zoom level check entirely, and only use the number of nodes in the response to determine whether or not to show the warning. The existing cookie check persists, so nobody should see the alert again if they previously clicked the button to hide them.


While you’re in that part of your code base :slight_smile:

If one is on a city page, the node count check does not seem limited to the nodes that will actually be displayed (i.e. the ones within the city boundary), but rather the entire map region that is being displayed.

If possible, it would be cool if it was limited to the city. Then, one can zoom out to see the entire city, but not get burned by the (possibly large number of) nodes that are outside the city and that would not have been displayed anyway.

Not a big deal, really, but a nice-to-have if it is easy. (Also, maybe this is equivalent to exactly what Ward was suggesting?)

I think your issue only exists with the old version of the alert … but I haven’t released the new version, yet, so that’s also probably confusing things.

After the next deploy, Node Hunter will only alert if the returned data is 1k nodes. The returned data is scoped to the city on the server, that’s not done in the browser. So it will be inherently limited to the city.
In other words, you’ll be able to zoom out to the full city view & use Node Hunter & if for example you’ve completed every node in the city you will not see an alert of the 1k limit and no nodes will be shown on the map.


Interesting. I get it once every single time I view the website. Using safari on my iPhone obviously the browser doesn’t maintain this in the cache. I vote to remove it, I hate it, it just gets in the way. I would definitely opt out of it if I could.

Actually I’ll correct myself. I don’t get the message if I close down safari on my iPhone and then reload it. I think it would come back if I tried again tomorrow. I guess safari clears the cache whenever it wants, despite what you ask for …: I’ve also seen this behaviour with safari on my Mac - but if I switch to chrome on my Mac then the cache lasts much longer (different website). I haven’t tried citystrides to prove this on chrome for my iPhone.

It’s been a week - has the updated “don’t alert” behavior improved at all?

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Yes - it’s been working perfectly from my end.
Thanks for the quick fix and the follow-up!

I also haven’t received the message lately on Safari desktop browser!

Let me know how the iPhone experience works out after you’re able to use the site there for a bit.

I’ve been using it on iPhone - same results there.
Working exactly as you described.


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Cool. I stopped taping because it didn’t seem to work. Will tap again.

It works on iPhone now - I haven’t had the message pop up for a few weeks…