OpenStreetMap fix in Hamilton Ontario Canada

Looking for help removing an unsafe road for a pedestrian in Hamilton Ontario Canada. I have not had any luck trying to fix these types of map issues myself.
James Mountain Road has a section going up and down our escarpment and there are no sidewalks or shoulders on a large section.
Can anyone help, please? I would be so grateful.

I did find it, but what part exactly do you want to have ‘foot=no’ on?

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My best quess ist this part:

This is OSM in change mode. Let me know if the road part with the orange around it is the part you want edited.

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I will keep beating this drum, foot=no is for not being legally allowed to walk somewhere, not for places you deem unsafe and don’t want to do in CS.

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Yes the yellow line with the orange around it.

Our police do not want anyone walking there. Our community does not put up signs until something bad happens. They are rather reactionary. We would have to file formal complaints and begin dealing with city bureaucracy. When someone is killed walking there they will put up signs.

I can put it on foot=no. If the local osm community doesn’t agree. Let them discuss it then

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Yes. Thank you very much.

I certainly respect your point. I would very much like to do it but it would mean walking in a live traffic lane on an escarpment route with no shoulder. I would never risk my life just to complete some nodes. Leaving the nodes there could be seen as encouraging foolhardy behaviour for pedestrians.

Ward wasn’t completely clear in his note that “foot=no is for not being legally allowed to walk somewhere, not for places you deem unsafe”.
He left out the part about there being different tags that do accomplish that goal of tagging a street to indicate that it is unsafe.

:sweat_smile: I’m not sure what those tags are offhand & don’t have the time to research that right now … perhaps Ward (or someone else reading along) will be able to share that suggested tagging.

I can update the query that CityStrides uses, if it’s not already set up to adhere to the suggested tagging of “unsafe for pedestrians”.

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Annoyingly, I don’t think there’s actually any consensus on safety tagging. I am not sure why it isn’t a thing. Part of the problem may be that it can be a subjective exercise? What’s deemed fine enough by a 20something male that doesn’t have an issue with hopping into the sidebrush when needed might be impossible for a 60+ year old. At what point of traffic is a way considered dangerous? And is it time-bound then? Rush hour vs rest of the day is a stark difference in the Philly suburbs, I avoid rush hour, but rest of the day you can easily run on many roads.

You might have been thinking about hiking difficulty ratings? Those are a thing, but not quite relevant for a dangerous street, alas.

I think you could perhaps make an estimated guess by combining some parameters, for example if:

  • the way has sidewalk=no
  • the way has shoulder=no
  • the maximum speed is high (for some definition of high)

Though even there I’d be hesitant to make conclusions. Some empty country road might have high max speed, but you could see a car coming from far away or there might be lawns all around it that you can easily hop on if needed. I’ve run on many of those in the USA without problem.

If someone does know a key/tag I’ve overlooked, I’m happy to hear it.

I try to switch perspective: would a driver seeing someone running a particular street assume the person has a death-wish? I definitely ran some sections that had me questioning my life choices…
foot | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo shows all the values used with foot. “Discouraged” is not documented in the wiki, but is closest to “risky but not formally prohibited” that would be useful for CS. Would using that tag be an option?

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