Only show completed streets once on LifeMap

Over the years, I have run the same streets hundreds of times. This makes some of my LifeMap look like I took a purple crayon to some sections. Would it be possible to only show a completed street once instead of every time it is run?

thank you.

I doubt it because CS is just overlaying the pictures of the connected GPS readings (the purple lines) without “knowledge” of which city streets they actually are (sometimes your walks take you off the street into a park, for example). CS doesn’t even take those purple lines into consideration in its calculations, but just notices if you passed by a node or not (and many nodes add up to a street).

I personally happen to like seeing the clutter because thick purple shows areas I’ve frequented and a thin purple line shows an area I might want to go back to.

But if you want to clear it up, maybe you could try deleting some of the old running or walking events?

Scott Trimble
Los Angeles, California

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