One road but is two road names

Looking for some help in what may be a unusual situation

This is Lea Rd Wolverhampton on one side but Lea Gardens on the other side. Lea Gardens only has 4 or 5 houses. But both sides and opposite is Lea Rd. Lea Road - CityStrides
Can this be recorded on OSM ? I can and do simple edits but this one scares me a little.

The relevant OSM links seem to be:

It looks like there are two irrelevant bits of Lea Road:

Are you suggesting that Way: ‪Lea Gardens‬ (‪520762713‬) | OpenStreetMap is not private?

Way: ‪Lea Gardens‬ (‪520762713‬) | OpenStreetMap This little bit is looks like driveway but is the only access to No 3 and 4, although it looks like a gravel driveway.

When you look at the map the house numbers 1 - 4 are Lea Gardens but opposite nos 1 and 2 are 217 - 219 Lea Rd. While from a construction POV it is the same physical road way.

I dont want to get into a OSM battle as there is already the same one road deleted with every updated maps here on CS. It appears someone is adding it and then someone else is deleting it.

The ilrevants bits are like lots of our junctions seem to be recorded on OSM.

Which one is that? Can you share a link to it in CityStrides?

The history of the way ( Way History: ‪Lea Gardens‬ (‪520762713‬) | OpenStreetMap ) doesn’t indicate any back and forth regarding privacy, but the latest edit’s message is “Updated to private road (checked on foot).”
This could definitely be a matter of opinion, with that person looking down the “street” and figuring it was private.

OSM is all about the verifiable truth, so if you can determine that it’s public via some official source then that would be a valid edit.

Wolverhampton was updated on 2024-05-18

0 Created Streets
1 Deleted Street

  • Rowan Road

I cant see it in CityStrides at the moment. But it seems to get it removed every month.

As for Lea Gardens I understand the edit principles but can we show one pyhsical road with two names ?

That’s an old problem, Rowan Rd is in Dudley, but a very short piece of it enters Wolverhampton, and there are no nodes in that part. I’ve entered two new nodes in that part, so next update it should be added to Wolverhampton

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Hans that is amazing, thank you.