Older Runkeeper activities not synching

I’ve made a small edit to a past run in Runkeeper to more accurately reflect my path and wanted to bring the change into CS. To do this I deleted the activity in CS, and waited for the daily synch to bring the edited version back in. Unfortunately there is no sign of it so far (I deleted it around 10 days ago).

@JamesChevalier I’ve had a similar issue in the past, which was solved by resynching my account, would it be possible to do this again please? Just_one_more_street - CityStrides. Shouldn’t a deleted activity be pulled back in through the regular synch, or am I missing something? Thanks!

I had to adjust the Runkeeper daily sync from doing a full history sync every day to just getting the one newest page of activities every day. That ‘Sync Now’ feature does a full history sync, though. There’s also the single activity sync feature in https://citystrides.com/settings#activity-trackers

I did queue up a sync for your account, so hopefully that’ll bring it in.

Thanks for queueing up the synch! I didn’t realize I could do single activity synch with runkeeper as well, somehow I thought it was Garmin only…

Would it make sense to have the “sync now” button do a “small” synch, and have the “full” hidden away somewhat? I can’t be the only one who synchs after every run…

The full history synch didn’t import the activity, but the single activity synch worked immediately :+1: