Oddity after OSM update

I recently edited Lambert Road in Belmont MA.

Prior to my edit, Lambert was mapped (inaccurately) as connecting Common Street and Highland Road, when in actuality it is a dead-end street off of Common. I made the edit, and it was updated in CityStrides.

If you look at the image I’ve uploaded, though, you can see that while the image of the streets is fine (i.e. no longer extending all the way to Highland), there is still a rogue node

Maybe I made a mistake on OSM, but I don’t think so.

Any thoughts?

This might be due to a timing issue. The map data gets pulled from Mapbox and tracks OSM pretty closely, whereas the node data in CS only gets updated when the city is updated from OSM. Since the update from OSM only happens every 4-5 weeks it might be the case that your change hasn’t been incorporated yet, the errand node should be removed with the next update.


Yep, that’s the correct answer. Once Belmont is updated from OSM that unconnected node will no longer appear

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